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Bikram Yoga Bajza
Bikram Yoga Bajza
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December 4. 18:00 - SAVE THE DATE

IGYENES online óra nagyrabecsült senior oktatónkkal, Margie-val!

“I love practicing and teaching Bikram yoga.

I am deeply committed to sharing my passion for this yoga, which has healed me on physical, emotional and spiritual levels very deeply. After becoming certified as a Bikram Yoga Teacher, I traveled extensively to gain teaching experience and to deepen my own practice. My background includes dancer, educator, choreographer, and founder of the MJT Dance Company. I began practicing Bikram yoga in 2001 as the start of a new mid-life journey and graduated Teacher Training in Los Angeles, California in January, 2004. The teacher training experience was the most difficult and amazing period in my life, and I will always be grateful for this life-changing opportunity. I enjoy teaching and I bring my passion for movement and body awareness into each class experience.” ~Margie