Bajza Bikram Yoga
Bajza Bikram Yoga
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I am new what should I do?

First time 10 day pass 2500 HUF

With this pass you can visit all the classes at the studio. Check the ambience and the teachers up! Without prior registration you can attend the classes even if you have never practiced yoga before.

How to prepare for my first class?

Hydrating properly is very important every day, especially if you plan to come to yoga class. First of all drink still water or herbal tea. If you come to the early morning class, drink a tea with some honey and if you need eat some wholemeal biscuits, bananas or yoghurt.

Refrain from eating a heavy meal 3-4 hours prior to class, because if not, it can make the class very difficult for you, as your body will be involved in digesting and you may feel dizzy.

Anything else you need: willpower and stamina and you will achieve your goals!

I want to try out


For Bikram Yoga breathable shorts, leggings, sportbras or tanktops for women and short and t-shirt for men are recommended. Pay attention! By the end of the Bikram yoga class your clothes will be soaked in sweat! If you are new to yoga choose those leggings in which your knees are out of the clothes as in many postures you have to check whether your knees are locked.

You don’t need any socks! For other types of yoga you can wear comfortable clothes.

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What to bring

You can bring your own yoga mat, but you can rent it in the studio as well. You will need a big towels, one for the shower and another one top put on the mat for security and hygienic reasons. In addition you will need  a big bottle of still water. Please use sandals in the studio, because the floor can be very slippery from sweat.  In case you need, all this things you can rent or buy in the studio!

I am interested

Arrival at the studio

If you are new, please arrive 15-20 minutes prior to class to allow enough time for registration.Without booking in advance you may attend any classes you see in the schedule.

Please take it easy for the first time

You must be patent and honest with yourself, as your body and mind need a few classes to get comfortable with the new environmnet, challenge and postures. Don’t be scared. Feel free to sit down on your mat if you feel it is necessary. Your stamina will come to success afterwords.

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Yoga etiquette

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