16:47 Bikram Yoga Bajza | WHY DO WE LOVE OUR YOGA?
Bikram Yoga Bajza
The hottest Yoga in Town


Anyone can join at any time.

You will always find challenges and you will always find opportunities to improve.


You do not have to be super flexible, super strong, daily meditating peaceful yogi to join. Bikram’s method provides effective help for all kinds of people (regardless of age, gender or physical abilities) who are struggling with any physical or mental problem. (And of course also for those who aren’t 🙂


This yoga is good for everyone – for every body and every soul.

Always the same. Always different.

Although the sequence is the same, all of your yoga classes will be different, depending on your mood, how you feel, the amount of rest you had, the number of people in the room, the weather, etc.


Through regular practice, because of the repetition of the series, you will experience the progress in your body on a daily basis. You will feel the exact changes and you will be able to continually refine what you have already achieved.


New success and new challenges await you every day!

Regular yoga practice requires discipline. But it pays off very quickly

BIKRAM YOGA balances your body.


This is a perfectly constructed system that reaches even the smallest, most hidden corners of your body  – from your bones to your skin, from your mind to your soul.


Through the compressions and the tourniquet effect of the exercises, followed by relaxation and stretching, you’re massaging your internal organs, stimulating your glands and blood circulation, in each and every area of the body.

Plus, you train your muscles at the same time


You detoxify your body & soul

You can balance your weight

You strengthen your immune system

You help your body to heal (whether it’s an illness or a physical injury)*

You strengthen your bones / cardiovascular system / spine / your entire muscular system

You develop your flexibility

You stimulate your metabolism

You nourish your skin

You will relieve your chronic back, shoulder and neck pain


* BIKRAM YOGA is an acknowledged method for athletes to heal existing injuries and prevent new ones.




You strengthen your body awareness

You develop your ability to concentrate / your willpower / your determination / your patience / your confidence

You reduce your stress levels / you can alleviate your depression


You will just feel good 🙂



My yoga class is that sweltering day. It’s one long, hot meditation. We put incredible pressure on you to teach you to break your attachment to external things and go within. Instead of blaming others for your own weakness, fear and depression, you will learn to take responsibility for your own life. You’ve got to face yourself in the mirror, every part you don’t like, every mistake you make, every excuse your mind creates to limit your potential liberation – there’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. No escape from reality. With these kinds of demands on your abilities and attention, you will soon forget that there is anyone on the next mat in the classroom, much less notice what they are wearing. After you learn to discipline your body and mind under these conditions, you will truly be able to concentrate; no external will be able to break your powerful focus. That’s why I say that the darkest place in the world is under the brightest lamp. In the Torture Chamber of my class, you will find a beautiful light, and the source of that light is within you.”

Bikram Choudhury