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About us

We offer 90 mins Bikram yoga classes only. Because it works.

This is the therapeutic form of Hatha yoga.

This is The Original HOT YOGA.

We believe that this helps you the most to maintain your physical and mental health.

Your time is precious – don’t waste it!





Owner, Bikram Yoga instructor


When I tried yoga for the first time (not warm, not Bikram), I felt completely incompetent: I was neither flexible nor strong. By the final meditation, the only thing I was waiting for was to escape the room. Disappointed, angry, hopeless.


As I approached my 30s, I wanted to get in shape. So I started running. Which was quite satisfying. But after a while it ruined my knees and I felt I needed something different, something more. I was looking for something to get a “yoga body”, without the yoga.

That’s how I came across Bikram yoga on the internet. Since there was a Bikram studio 5 minutes away from my home, I gave it a go.


On the first week I went every day as suggested. I lost 8 pounds. I was convinced. (You can laugh. I admit, I was motivated by the externals at the beginning. Yet,  what have I received since then? Much, much more than what I was looking for.)


I had to go back to the world of multinational companies, and hit the rock bottom, where the 8 10 to 12 hours of work a day became so suffocating that I could no longer breathe. I found shelter at Bikram Yoga. It was MY time – no meetings, no e-mails, no calls, no obligations. My stress free 90 minutes.


I suddenly resigned and found myself at the next instructor training in Los Angeles. It completely transformed my life. Inside and out.


With the certificate in my hand, I immediately started teaching and traveling. LA, Las Vegas, Houston… Oslo, Munich, Rome, Budapest… I also went back to more teacher trainings to get inspired by many experienced Bikram teachers and learn more and more about these special 26 +2.


When I became a mother, it completely distracted me from the idea of having my own studio or even teaching yoga at all.


I’ve just started to feel the lack of a Bikram community when Judit told me about the situation of the Bajza studio. I immediately felt the butterflies in my stomach.


Here I am. I have arrived. Enthusiastic, full of excitement, joy, anticipation… I can’t wait to sweat together, struggle together, die and be reborn together every day in the “torture chamber” of Bikram Yoga Bajza!




the little elf of the hot room


…who already has completed a 60 day challenge in my belly. Not to mention, that he has attended the class of Bikram personally.

Be careful because he will definitely test your concentration skills a couple of times.